Health Education



Our health education curriculum is made up of a variety of topics so that they have the proper information to help them make useful and intelligent decisions throughout their lives. The major focus of this curriculum is the physical, mental and social aspects of health. In these areas, we try to bring in topics that the students can relate to.

Physical health includes diet, nutrition, aerobic and anaerobic exercise programs, cardiovascular fitness and disease prevention, and sex education. Students learn how to calculate calorie intake and expenditure, how to set up a work out program suitable for them, and how to choose a healthier lifestyle. 

Mental health includes taking a look at self concept, learning how to deal with emotions and feelings, researching several common diseases and disorders of the mind, a focus on Anorexia and Bulimia, information about depression and suicide, and ways to recognize and relieve stress and stressors.

Social health includes an in-depth study on drugs and alcohol, information on dealing with different types of personalities, a look at values, character traits, and ways to improve relationships with others. 

The students have the opportunity to do research and projects that reinforce the information being taught. There are self-evaluation tests for the students in all areas of health. Students get to see where they stand and what needs to be improved in the physical, mental and social aspects of their personal health.

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