Advantages of the Languages



Language Study

"The sum of human wisdom is not contained in any one language."

~ Ezra Pound

French french

  • Speaking French will increase one's job opportunities and salary potential.
  • 45 different countries speak their own language and French.
  • 40% of English is derived from French.
  • Proficiency in French will improve chances of international employment, acceptance to the university of one's choice, and placement in travel careers.
  • Learning French develops critical and creative thinking skills.
  • French is the language of the United Nations, the Olympics, art, music, cuisine, cinema, fashion, and literary masterpieces.

German german

  • Germany is the third largest trading partner of the U.S. York International, Glatfelter, and KBA Motter are just a few of the local firms connected to Germany. People working in York communicate daily with the German-speaking world.
  • German is the second most prevalent language on the Internet. It is one of Microsoft's two pilot languages. Knowing German provides an edge in today's technological world.
  • Over 28% of all Americans have German ancestry. (In York, it's even higher!) With German, one can explore family history and German-American culture.
  • German is important for business, manufacturing, science, music, travel, history, architecture, and philosophy.
  • German is user-friendly to English speakers. Both languages are Germanic, sharing words, word origins, and grammar characteristics.

Latin rome

  • Two years of Latin increase verbal SAT scores an average of 40 points.
  • Students who complete 4 years of Latin at Dallastown routinely test out of 3-6 credits on college placement exams for Latin.
  • Latin is the basis of French, Spanish and Italian; taking Latin first makes the study of these languages much easier.
  • Taking Latin dramatically improves English grammar and vocabulary skills.
  • A knowledge of Latin is particularly helpful in the fields of medicine, law, pharmacy, science, religion, government, and history.

Spanish spanish

  • Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, and Spanish-speaking people have become the second largest cultural group in the United States.
  • Our businesses and communities serve a growing number of Spanish-speaking households. Businesses, media, health services, and government agencies are in need of people proficient in Spanish.
  • Speaking Spanish is a critical skill in this day and age of trade, travel, and technology.
  • 17% of York's population is Hispanic.
  • Knowledge of Spanish facilitates travel to Spanish-speaking countries.


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