Benefits of Language Study



College boy on computer


  • While most colleges require at least two consecutive years of a world language, many prefer more.
  • High school world language learning increases first year success at college.
  • World language study raises SAT scores.

Career  career guy


  • The study of world languages increases English reading and writing skills.
  • 95% of international business is communication; York is an international market place.
  • From receptionists to CEOs, police officers to contractors, hotel managers doctors, people in today's workforce interact internationally.

National Interest  globe girl


  • Government and security services need individuals proficient in world languages.
  • Global sharing is imperative in economics, medicine, science, and joint military operations.  

Personal Opportunities  girl winner


  • Language learning enhances the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Bilingualism increases life opportunities.
  • Cultural awareness teaches tolerance, which opens the door to world peace.
DAHS Opportunities  travel
  •    Foreign travel is available in all languages.
  •   Student exchange programs are offered.
  •   Membership to the International and/or Spanish Club strengthens sociality.   
  •   Business and cultural fairs take place.
  •   Shadowing at local multi-national firms fosters career development.
  •   World Language Week is fun for all language students.
  •   Field trips to museums, restaurants, and theaters enhance learning.

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