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"Learning to speak another's language means taking one's place in the human community. It means reaching out to others across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Language is far more than a system to be explained. It is our most important link to the world around us. Language is culture in motion. It is people interacting with people."

~ Sandra Savignon

Our mission at Dallastown Area High School is to increase communication skills and prepare students to be successful in a diverse and global society. We offer four years of instruction in French, German, Latin and Spanish. Look at the links to your left to find information on the study of world languages at Dallastown Area High School.


 Frequently Asked Questions



Is a foreign language required? If so, how many years are required?

Foreign language study is strongly recommended for all students; however, it is not a graduation requirement at Dallastown. Most colleges expect 2- 4 years of high school foreign language study.

Why learn a foreign language?

Foreign language acquisition greatly enhances college and career opportunities.

Which language should I take?

Factors to consider: career goals, interests, family ties or background. Additionally, consider that we never know where life will lead us. Thirdly, learning one language will ease the process for learning another.

Will I be fluent after taking a foreign language in high school?

Many students will become conversant. Fluency requires more than 4 years of high school language study.


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