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Bill Pic
Mr. William Probert 
Supervisor of
Secondary Programs & Services
[email protected]
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3005

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Lauren Long Pic
Mrs. Lauren Walck
School Counselor for Students Gi-Ka
[email protected]
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3537
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Kristen Bio Pic
Mrs. Kristen Cooper
School Counselor for
Students Ri - Sto
[email protected]
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3533
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Ms. Andrea (Ande) Schoeppner
[email protected]
Student Records Secretary
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3530
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Ali's Bio Pic
Dr. Alison Wabnik
Dept. Chair
School Counselor for
Students A - Ce
[email protected]
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3535
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Garrett's Bio Pic
Mr. Garrett Boop
School Counselor for
Students Ke - Me
[email protected]
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3534
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Mrs. Kerris Bouchillon
School Counselor for
Students Str - Z
[email protected]
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3536
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Mrs. Kellin McCullough
[email protected]
College, Career, and Transition Coordinator 
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3545
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Jill's Bio Pic
Mrs. Jill Nobile
School Counselor for
Students Ch - Gh
[email protected]
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3538
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Mrs. Laura Dixon
School Counselor for
Students Mi - Rh
[email protected]
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3543
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Mrs. Kim Delp
Workforce, Career & College Secretary
[email protected]
(717) 244-4021 Ext. 3532
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