Homebound Guidelines

Dallastown Area High School
Homebound Instruction Guidelines

Homebound instruction is designed to continue educational services between the classroom and home setting for students who are temporarily unable to attend school due to physical or emotional disability. Additionally, homebound instruction may be used to supplement the classroom program for health impaired children whose conditions may interfere with consistent school attendance, (i.e. students receiving dialysis or radiation/chemotherapy). The inability to attend school must be certified by a physician, licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

The goal of homebound instruction is to facilitate the student's return to the current classroom setting as soon as medically indicated. Homebound instruction is temporary. The student’s attending physician or psychologist must substantiate requests for homebound instruction extending beyond six weeks.

Secondary school students who qualify for homebound instruction are eligible to receive one hour of instruction per major subject per week. If appropriate to the needs of the child, the number of instructional hours may vary.

A student must be enrolled in school in order to receive homebound services. A student receiving homebound instruction is carried on the daily roster of the class in which he/she is enrolled. If the student participates in the allotted hours of instruction, he/she will be counted present on their school’s roll. Upon successfully completing homebound assignments and accompanying tests, the student will receive credit for the course on his/her permanent record.

Starting Homebound Instruction

In the event of an extended absence (more than two [2] weeks), homebound instruction can be requested. Parents/guardians are asked to comply with the following guidelines:

1) Inform the student's guidance counselor of the need for homebound instruction.

2) Submit a certified professional’s note to the guidance counselor stating the diagnosis and approximate length of time that homebound instruction will be required. The state recommends an evaluation every 30 days for homebound to continue.  (Fax 1-866-938-6084)

Parent/Student Guidelines for Homebound Instruction

1) A parent/guardian or appropriate adult authority must be present during the period of instruction.

2) Students on homebound instruction are still full time students at Dallastown Area High School and must follow the same expectations as if they were in school.

3) A student’s main priority while on home instruction is to follow the doctor’s directions for recovery and at the same time maintain his or her academic program. Assignments must be completed and turned in by determined due dates.

4) Homebound students are expected to be in attendance with homebound instructors at the appointed time. Homebound hours will not be made up, and a zero will be given for that time period. The only exception will be a medically necessary doctor's visit, in which case a note from the doctor will be required for verification. The student will be expected to notify the Homebound Instructor so as to avoid an unnecessary visit. School attendance policy (as per Student Handbook) will be applied to all homebound appointments.

5) Students may not be employed during the regular school day unless approved by the physician.

6) Students may not participate in extracurricular activities/field trips while on homebound instruction or part time home instruction. Requests for exceptions must be made in writing to the principal. The request must also include a doctor’s note indicating that the student is well enough to participate.

7) A physician’s note stating that the student is well enough to return to school is required to terminate homebound instruction.

Homebound Instructors: The Dallastown Area School District insures that individuals employed as homebound instructors hold a valid Pennsylvania teaching certificate and security clearance. The homebound teacher is responsible to pick up assignments and deliver the completed assignments via the guidance office. Instructors schedule work sessions directly with the parent. The goal is to schedule a time that best fits the schedule of the student, the parent, and the instructor. The instruction site is to be mutually determined by the homebound instructor and the student’s family. Homebound instructors must submit hours (instruction only) and mileage sheet to the high school principal. Homebound instructors are strongly encouraged to communicate with classroom teachers on a regular basis.

Classroom Teachers : The student's teachers also maintain close contact with the homebound instructor and provide the instructor with the appropriate materials and information when requested by the Guidance Office. Classroom teachers shall be responsible for providing notes, assignments, tests and answer keys (when applicable). The classroom teacher shall determine grades in consultation with the tutor, based upon the evidence contained in papers submitted, projects turned in, exams and/or other appropriate evidence of work completed. An extra book and/or duplicate worksheets for the tutor are very helpful.

Special circumstance: In some elective classes, homebound instruction may not fulfill the course requirements. In any case, where a student has been assigned an elective class and subsequently is placed on homebound instruction, the assigned teacher, the principal and the guidance counselor shall determine whether a course of study for homebound instruction can be devised that is feasible to complete the course requirements satisfactorily.



  1. A weekly log must be maintained and turned in bi-weekly to the homebound instructor or physical education teacher.
  2. A minimum of two entries per week are required to receive a satisfactory grade.
  3. A minimum of four entries per week are required to earn an outstanding grade, in addition to completion of a research component (explained below.)
  4. Parent or guardian signature must accompany activity on log as verification of completion of the activity.
  5. A total of 18 classes (activities) are needed to receive credit for a 9 week marking period.
  6. Partial absences should be made up at the rate of 2 activities per week (s) missed
  7. Must follow set time limits (see activity list below).


  1. Walking on track/neighborhood – 1 hour (minimum of 3 miles)
  2. Jogging – 45 minutes (minimum of 3 miles)
  3. Bike Riding – 1 hour of continuous biking
  4. Golf – 9 holes (walking, not driving a cart)
  5. Tennis – 1 hour
  6. Swimming – 1 continuous hour of lap swimming/treading
  7. Basketball – 1 hour
  8. Weight Lifting – 1 hour
  9. Other activities by permission – Call the high school gym
    1. Girls Physical Education Office – 244-4021 ext. 3283
    2. Boys Physical Education Office – 244-4021 ext. 3299


All activities must be documented according to the date , the start and end time and the distance covered, if applicable.

A parent or guardian must sign EACH activity to verify the participation.

The activity verification sheet must be turned in to the homebound instructor or physical education teacher bi-weekly to receive credit for the activities.


Homebound Physical Education Log

Date activity completed

Beginning time

Ending time

Distance covered

Activity performed





3 miles





9 holes golf




3 miles


Research Component

(Only required for students that want to receive an "O" as a grade for the marking period.)

  1. A five page paper (double spaced, 12 font) complete with a minimum of five internal citations and a bibliography must be completed for an outstanding grade.
  2. This paper must research one of the following topics:
  3. Sports injuries and their treatment.
  4. History/Rules/Regulations of any sport.
  5. The link between physical activity and total health.

  • 2 activities are required per week to receive a satisfactory grade (S) for both class periods missed
  • Minimum of 4 different activities within the 9 weeks
  • A total of 18 classes (activities) are needed to receive credit for a 9 week marking period.
  • Partial absences should be made up at the rate of 2 activities per week (s) missed
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