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Workplace Information - This site has lots of jobs and ranks them using many factors. It gives the approximate amount or range of how much each job makes and some things needed for the job like education and technical skills. It also shows things like employment, job stress, job flexibility, and many other attributes to the job. It is very good if you want to find out about a career or if it might suit you.
Post Secondary Information - This site has a large questionnaire to help you determine what majors you might be interested in by exploring what subjects you like and dislike in school. It also asks how you performed in some classes to see what you might be good at. It is a long questionnaire but very simple and worth it to get an idea for your future.

College Costs and Financial Aid/Planning
 - This website gives lots of information on student aid from the government. It talks about how you can get financial aid and all of the requirements needed to obtain it. It explains that you must be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen, at least part time enrolled, and lots of other details. It also lists all of the types of aid, who gets aid, the paperwork needed to fill out a FAFSA form to get federal financial aid, and how to budget for college. This site is very good for students and parents trying to get financial help for secondary education.
Career Exploration and Planning - has information for careers on the rise for military veterans and students looking into different fields that they want to go in to. It shows what jobs will be in demand in the near future. It gives a star to the jobs that will be in demand and have a good outlook and also shows for veterans what the job is closest to in the military. Gives brief analysis of what each job requires and what is education is needed. The site also tells what kind of skills are helpful in the career such as multitasking or talking and listening to people. This site is useful for students to see what careers they would like to do and also what careers and areas have openings. - This site has a survey for students. It is very elementary, asking things like what subjects you like in school, what personal traits you exhibit, and what activities do you like to do. Your answers need to be written using a pen and paper to find your results. When finished with the survey you can find your results at the very end. Your results are very basic such as areas like health science, finance, and government. Although the results are very general it can be helpful individuals who are unsure of the areas they are interested.
Other Resources - Counselor App offers programs like SCUTA, which helps to create a data-driven, evidence based school counseling program. This program is used by many school counselors and school districts around the country. It is very geared at school counselors and is only really for their use.


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